At the January 19, 2017 meeting, members and guests heard Fabian Valencia, Leader of Lost Angeles, Spiritual and Psychological Aid, Inc.

Rotary Events. President Ramon mentioned again the annual Rotary District conference will be held May 4 thru May 7, at the Lake Arrowhead Hotel & Spa. He noted that reservations for the event are full as to staying at the Hotel. But he also noted that Rotarians could come to the event for one day, without staying at the hotel. Also Ramon mentioned that the next District 5280 Breakfast will be Feb 28, at the usual location, which is the Westin Hotel on Century Blvd. near LAX.  The event begins at 7:30 am and ends at 8:45 am.  The speaker will be Angela Peres Paraja, who was Ms. America for 2001.

Daniel mentioned that the usual annual homeless count for the City of Lynwood should be scheduled soon. He mentioned that Rotary usually has several volunteers, along with other Lynwood community volunteers.  The event occurs on one evening, starting with a brief orientation and instruction in Bateman Hall. 

Victor Gomez, now a Rotary member again, announced that his company's sign board, located near the Green Line Station and facing north, will again be used to advertise and promote the Lynwood Rotary Club.  Daniel suggested that after the sign board has the Rotary message, that maybe we can have a photo of Rotary members on the ground with the sign in the background.

Also, another reminder from the speaker on Jan 12, Tony Hua, as to community support, Mr. Hua explained that there is a Career Tech Advisory Board with the next meeting on Feb 9.  Additional volunteers are encouraged to come to this meeting.  

The speaker, Fabian Valencia, of Lost Angels, had a power point presentation about his work in the community, and he brought two wooden models of guitars, as examples of the artwork done by participants.  In the power point presentation, Fabian showed a photo of a truck/ trailer with a large canvass on the side with an art mural.  That was a start for Lost Angeles, and now he is an instructor at La Causa youth build located at the South Gate American legion facility. He distributed a flyer of activities at the South Gate American Legion Post 335 located at 9535 California Street. Activities include: arts and crafts; music --including Trumpet and Guitar; Aztec dancing; and creative body. Fabian encouraged Rotary members and other Lynwood community members to come and participate and observe. 

Fabian mentioned that his programs and activities help provide life skills and help empower youth to create something.  He also mentioned a LA River project that is focused on youth envisioning whether from the river, one should see only buildings or whether planting trees to add nature to the banks of the river is to be preferred.

For more information of the Lost Angeles activities at the American Legion Post, the flyer lists:  CALL   323 – 413-6632 and EMAIL:  LOSTANGELSLC@GMAIL.COM   the flyer also states:  Special Events Sign up for our Mural Design Contest.  Artist wanted – enter your Art for First Friday Art Show.  Also it notes:  space for Artist and Vendors Available.  Call/ text for details.

Daniel noted that he first met Fabian Valencia at the Art Community Event in Lynwood Park this summer, at which event; the Lynwood Rotary Club had a table.  Fabian had a large canvass hung on a fence, on which participants in attendance could paint images and designs using various colors of paint provided.  In support of Lost Angels, Ramon Rodriguez said that from his hardware store, he could donate various colors of paint in cans that had been practically used.  Also Raj, said to Fabian, that he could come by his stationery and school supply store, for some items he could donate.   .

 Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra –  

 Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club