At the  Jan 16,  Noon   meeting, Rotary Club President, Gudiel Crosthwaite, called the meeting to order. 

Before the speaker,   there was mention that this is the first meeting at which the new procedure adopted by the club board is in effect, that is, that visitors will be charged $10.00 for the food,  (unless they are new guests brought by a club member.)

Daniel introduced, Adrian Landa,  Staff Representative for California Assembly Member, and Speaker of the House, Anthony Rendon.    Adrian  introduced Diana Morales, staff member for Rendon, who made the presentation about the Los Angeles River.  Adrian explained that within the 63rd District, there are 9 cities, and now  he has been reassigned to represent several cities to the south, and Diana will now represent the City of Lynwood, within Rendon's district.

Diana Morales distributed several information sheets and maps pertaining to current land use planning underway for upgrading the Los Angeles River and the immediate adjacent land for the southern half of the 50 mile long Los Angeles River, which starts in the northwestern end of the San Fernando Valley and then after passing through the eastern edge  of DTLA, ends up in Long Beach.

Among the informative hand outs, there is documentation of the organization of groups interested in enhancing the southern half of the river.  Specifically, the County Department of Public Works and the River and Mountains Conservancy are taking lead positions. “ Now Rendon and his communities face the challenge of implementing the Revitalization Plan.”

Of note, Diana described a park on the eastern edge of the river, near Imperial Hwy. In South Gate that is under construction.  Also an art center, located in South Gate.  At the confluence of the Rio Hondo and the LA River,  “He's working on building a 'cultural arts center' near the Confluence.  Rendon has engaged the County of Los Angeles, the City of South Gate, world renowned architect Frank Gehry,  LA County Museum of Art, and the LA Philharmonic, in reimagining what the Confluence could offer the people who live near the LA River.”

There was mention of the SELA Arts Festival.  As stated in a flyer:  “The Southeast LA (SELA) Arts Festival is a celebration of the vibrant cluture of the Southeast region.  Hosted on the bed of the LA River, the SELA Art Festival features local artists from street muralists to musicians to visual artists.”

There was mention that the Linear Park, parallel to the 105 Freeway, possibly could be extended to the LA River. 

Questions from the audience, included member Raj  about whether it is feasible to make use of the water, rather than the water just flowing into the ocean in Long Beach.  There was no response specifically about this possible use.

Club member Ramon asked when these projects would be done.  Diana answered that the park in South Gate to the north of Imperial Hwy.  Is now under construction. 

One comment from the audience was that these described projects, while definitely are of benefit to the adjacent communities,  there was no mention specifically of improvements  to trails along the river and small parks to attract more users.  Also of the provision for park rangers and possibly of security personnel to ensure a safe environment for persons using the areas along the river.

   Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club