Posted by Gurdip (Honorary Member) Hari on Feb 15, 2018

 At the February 15,  meeting, members and guests heard a presentation from Gabriela Cid, Field Representative for Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragan, 44th District, California.

Separate from the presentation, there was mention of the next Vision to Learn activity.

It will be on Friday, Feb 16, at Hellen Keller ES, starting at 9am to about 11- 12 am.  Lynwood Rotary will have three participants:  Larry Esparza, Martina Rodriquez and Iris Pygatt.

The presentation by Gabriela Cid generated at number of responses within the audience of Lynwood Rotary members and guests.  Several of the issues discussed are mentioned herein. 

Among the issues brought up by the audience was the homeless issue. Ramon Rodriguez mentioned that the homeless count is done annually, to include participation by Lynwood Rotary and by other community volunteers.  He asked what purpose does this serve.  As the number of homeless continues and in certain areas is increasing.  Also, Ramon and Martina Rodriguez spoke of the marihuana issue.  By city ordinance, Lynwood now allows the cultivation of marihuana in limited amounts in inside buildings in industrially zoned areas.  But the question is how will the revenue generated for the city be controlled and audited, since the Federal Government so far does not allow banks to receive funds from this revenue source.  Gabriela indicated that so far, there is not a move by the Federal Government to enable banks to receive funds from this source.  Ramon emphasized that cash only will make it difficult for the city to control these funds and avoid any theft/ misuse of these funds.

Rotary member and LUSD Superintendent, Gudiel Croasthwaite, noted that some of President Trump proposals would have very adverse impact on many family and students within LUSD.  Specifically, he mentioned a proposed budget elimination of funding for youth enrichment programs athletics and additional classroom instruction in science and the arts.  Also he mentioned the deployment of immigration officials (ICE) around schools can decrease school attendance.  And he mentioned the proposed reduction or elimination of health care for low income students and families would have a strong adverse impact within the LUSD. 

In answer to a question from Daniel, Gabriela summarized several major issues important to Congresswoman Barragan:  for her congressional district (which extends from South Gate, south to the San Pedro Part) -- Immigration issues and support for Veterans;  for the Congress as a whole --  the Budget, Tax Changes and the Environment.  With reference to Security, Congresswoman Barragan is involved in Homeland Security and the protection of the LA Port.  It was noted she hosted a meeting relating to Homeland Security at the Port in November.

At the end of the meeting, Daniel reminded everyone that the next meeting with Rowland Becerra, President of the Lynwood Union Gallery, and Community Relations Assistant for the Rotary club, will be the speaker, and that the meeting time will be 6pm to 7:30 pm.  Daniel and Ramon encouraged everyone to bring friends to the meeting, as a way of encouraging the influence and membership of the Lynwood Rotary Club.


Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club