Posted by Gurdip (Honorary Member) Hari on Feb 22, 2018

 At the February 22, meeting, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm, members and guests heard a presentation from Rowland Becerra, President of the Lynwood Union Gallery, and Public Relations Assistant for the Lynwood Rotary Club.  

Separate from the presentation, Ramon Rodriguez, previous Rotary President, substituting for Joe Wang, who is out of the country with his wife, on a visit to China, talked about coordination for the annual Fireworks Stand sales, July 1-4, 2018.  In coordination with Plaza Mexico, General Manager, Mario Cardenas, the requested waiver of the rent/ charges for using the parking lot at Food 4 Less, which is owned by Plaza Mexico, was not approved, but as an alternative funding source, partnering with a Mexican ice cream vendor, was suggested.  Follow up coordination ASAP will be necessary.  Ramon reminisced about the history of community service clubs in Lynwood and elsewhere in the US.  There was a time when the Lynwood Rotary had around 40 members, and in Lynwood there were also an active Lions and Kiwanis clubs.  So, now, the Lynwood Rotary has to become more active in attracting new members, through promotions and talking about the satisfactions to be had by being an active member of the Lynwood Rotary Club.  Ramon Rodriguez noted that what keeps the club together, is a satisfaction for the community benefits we provide, and that in the process, we all have fun together!

Rotary members Fernando and Tila Millan talked about Roosevelt ES Youth act activities. Planned activities include Thursday, Mar 1, reading to kids at Roosevelt ES.  Also a 5-K runs assistance at Dodger Stadium, Mar 17, 6am – 12 Noon (a part of the LA Marathon, same day.)  (Daniel encouraged Rotary members to participate in both of these Youth act events.)  Then two more planned events:  Sat, Mar 24, youth act and parents to assist at feeding at winter shelter for homeless in Long Beach bring food for 150 people (new location in LB.).  And a visit to a orphanage in Tijuana, Corazon de la Vida, in the third week of April or May.  Toiletries and related items need to be donated for use by the 400 kids housed there.  Fernando and Tila also mentioned the possibility of starting a Youth act group at one of the LUSD Middle Schools.  A crucial step in making this happen is finding a teacher willing to be the sponsor.

Rowland Becerra’s presentation described with a power point presentation various events at the Lynwood Union Gallery.  Rowland also mentioned the public art in Metro Rail Stations and facilities, with specific reference to the public art at the Long Beach Blvd. Green Line Station.  He mentioned several years ago he made a presentation to Metro Art Docents at the Metro Headquarters Bldg. in DTLA, on Valentine’s Day in 2016.  He handed out a description of one of the art works at the Long Beach Station, which had photos of the description of the Chumash Indian legend about the sky coyote, written in English and in Spanish.  Daniel mentioned that free tours can be arranged for groups or 10 or more persons to see the art works at selected stations.  For example, he noted that a group could start at the Long Beach Blvd. Station and then see the artwork at some of the stations on the Blue Line south to downtown LB. or the tour could see the artwork at some stations on the Blue Line north to DTLA, ending perhaps at Union Station.

Lynwood Union Gallery events that Rowland described include the following:  the planning for and painting of the great mural adjacent to the Gallery by LHS students; also two years ago an art walk along the Linear Park;  Receptions for artists, usually with food and music provided include the artist Maritza Munguia in early Feb 2018, who has been a Lynwood resident since 1978, she has worked at St. Francis Hospital; the flyer notes “her first profession has been as a Mariachi Violinist and Singer…  she would moonlight as Mariachi and study nursing in the daytime,  painting recently began to interest her, while she grew up  drawing for hours and hours … .” Another reception for an artist was in early Jan 2018, by Eduardo Luis, whose art show consisted of photos of musicians performing.

Major Gallery events described by Rowland include:  The Grand Opening, March 4, 2017;  Twenty Five Years remembering the LA Riots from the perspective of people experiencing the riots as Lynwood residents, event held on April 29, 2017;  another major event the Dia De Los Muertos, with artwork a part of several altars on display, November 1 & 2, 2017;  also Snow Day on December 15, 2017, with an astounding attendance to participate in the snow event of more than a 1000 kids and adults; (Rowland thanked Rotary members Ramon Rodriguez and Taj for their generous contributions for this event.) 


Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club