Posted by Gurdip (Honorary Member) Hari on Mar 08, 2018
At the March 8,   meeting, Rotary members in attendance hear the presentation and talked to Adrian Landa, Field Representative for Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly and Assembly member for the 63rd District (which includes the City of Lynwood).  (There were no guests present at this meeting.) 
Before the presentation and discussion with the speaker, several Rotary activities and issues were briefly discussed. Concerning coming events, the Vision To Learn Program will be at the Marshall ES, on Friday, Mar 9 from 9am to approximately noon.  Rotary volunteers are Joe Wang, Larry Esparza, Martina Rodriguez, and possibly Barbara Battle.  Also after the Thursday, March 8, the LUSD has requested that Lynwood Rotary members attend a LUSD Board meeting at 6pm  to receive certificates for participation in the Vision To Learn Program.  Attendees will be Joe Wang, Larry Esparza, Iris Pygatt, Barbara Battle, Martina Rodriguez, and Daniel Miller.
Following up on discussions at last week’s meeting, there was discussion of the need for better control and coordination of the club’s finances, to include clear documentation and regular updates of the club’s balance sheet with the club’s account in the bank.  As noted, the club will open a new bank account at the local branch of the Chase Bank, located close to the City Hall.  The Club Treasurer, Martina Rodriguez, along with the Club President, Joe Wang, and the Club Secretary, Maria Quionez (Lulu) need to go to the bank together to open up the new account.
Daniel mentioned again several events planned for the Youth act Club at Roosevelt ES, which Rotary members Fernando and Tila Millan, described when they attended the evening meeting on Feb. 22.  Planned activities include helping out at a 5-K run at Dodger Stadium, Sat, Mar 17, 6am – 12 Noon (a part of the LA Marathon, same day.)  Then two more planned events:  Sat, Mar 24, youth act and parents to assist at serving food at a winter shelter for homeless in Long Beach, which involves bringing food for 150 people (new location in LB.).  And a visit to a orphanage in Tijuana, Corazon de la Vida, in the third week of April or May.  Toiletries and related items need to be donated for use by the kids housed there (Daniel encouraged Rotary members to participate in these planned Youth act events.)
It was noted that this is the first meeting to be held in Room # 2 of the Recreation Building across from City Hall, due to a major reconstruction of the roof in the Bateman Hall meeting rooms. (As usual, food will be provided by the regular catering firm.)  It could be several months before the club can return to using Room #1 in Bateman Hall.
Adrian Landa started his presentation by explaining that his main responsibility is to serve the needs of the local communities.  Within the 63rd District, Adrian is assigned to serve the Cities of Lynwood, Paramount and Cudahy.  As to discussions and particular issues of legislation, that is the responsibility of the Assembly member’s staff in the Sacramento office.  That said, Adrian does attend City Council meetings.  In response to a question from Daniel, Adrian noted that he has recently attended Lynwood City Council meetings to observe the City's implementation of SB1, which imposed a gas tax increase, and allocated funds to cities for road infrastructure improvements.  Another issue for monitoring is the city's response to the changes in cannabis use within the state.
Adrian urged everyone to study the brochure from Anthony Rendon, which describes how the Assembly Member can be of help to his constituents.  The brochure explained assistance in three broad areas:  Constituent Services, State Information and Legislative Services.  Cited as examples of specific areas of help for the 3 categories are DMV matters, The State Budget and Propose a New Law.
For future coordination and communication, Daniel introduced all the Lynwood Rotary members present to Adrian.  Rotary member Gudiel Croasthwaite, and Supt for LUSD, noted that Adrian also attends meetings of the LUSD Board.   As an example of a community event organized by Rendon, Adrian mentioned a Veterans Event, Sat Apr 28, at Paramount Progress Park.  
 Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra
 Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club