At the March 23, 2017,  members and guests heard a very interesting presentation by Mark A. Kudler, President, Bulletin Displays, LLC, “Creative Outdoor Advertising”

Before the presentation, President Ramon Rodriguez talked about a Rotary International Polio Foundation financial campaign.  Rotary is asking for 26.50 for each club member, which amounts to $371.00 for the Lynwood Club.  President Ramon noted that our club has already approved this contribution, and he noted the club will be recognized at the District Conference in May.  There are three club categories:  small, medium and large.  For a small club, President Ramon noted that we do a great job.

At the April 6 meeting, for member discussions, President Ramon mentioned again that one possible change is to consider moving the time of the meetings from noon to the evenings, for all or some of the meetings.  He noted that he knows of four candidates for membership that would come to an evening meeting.  President Ramon mentioned the celebration of the opening of the new community center building in Ham Park which is named the Lucy Avalos building in her honor.  The event was held the previous evening (Wed, Mar 22) and was attended by several Rotary members.  Also, President Ramon expressed his great appreciation for the Rotary sign that is posted on the Bulletin Displays sign board adjacent to the Long Beach Blvd. Green Line Station.

Daniel passed around again this meeting, photos of the Rotary sign on the Bulletin Displays sign board.  He also passed out flyers of the coming event at Dominquez Rancho Adobe Museum, Rancho Days, which will take place on Sat, March 25.  Daniel will attend and possibly Ivan and some family members.

Diana Romero from the Recreation Department talked about the annual Easter Egg Hunt event before Easter, and the role that the Lynwood Rotary will play.  Among the guests were Gurdip and his wife, who he explained, now divide their time between living in Irvine, and also living in India and in  Africa.  Gurdip stated that he is a life time member of the Lynwood Rotary Club, and disseminates information on the Lynwood Club to Rotary District channels of information.  Daniel confirmed that Gurdip will be scheduled to be a speaker in May or June, at which time; he can talk about his latest book that he has recently published.

Speaker Mark Kudler, was introduced by President Ramon.  Mr. Kudler explained how he grew up in the sign board business through his grandfather which business was located in Central LA.  “I grew up working with crane trucks in the summer, and then I started doing paperwork.”  “I love what I do.”  Especially, he stated, because it has been a family business.  Signs along the freeway are the primary locations that his company prefers.  For family owned businesses, Mark Kudler states he likes to offer special reduced prices.  He explained how technology has changed the sign business.  Compared to paper signs, now digital signs are becoming more prevalent.  He explained that digital signs can be programmed so that the message can change throughout the day, based on news events, sports events, etc. 

In response to questions from Daniel, Mr. Kudler, explained that advertising in bus shelters is a specialized market, and varies greatly as to its profitability.  Upon further questions, Mr. Kudler, noted how his company has been involved in a program within the City of Compton, which consists of channeling some revenues from signs along freeways to help support advertising related to bus shelters, and the maintenance costs of those shelters, to include the trash cans. 

President Ramon and Daniel noted that it is great to see a company like Bulletin Display, taking special satisfaction in being a family owned enterprise, and in being interested in participating and supporting the communities where their business is located. 


 Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra –   

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club