At the  March 5,  Noon   meeting, Lynwood Rotary Club  President, Gudiel Crosthwaite , called the meeting to order.

The first item to be discussed among members present, was a proposal by Ms. Quionez, known as Lulu;  As a fund raiser, Lulu discussed four different casinos in the So. Cal. Area, who provide charter buses to their casinos.  After discussion among the members present, it was agreed that the Pauma Casino in the San Diego area, offers the best options for the Lynwood club.  There is a requirement for 45 guests to ride the charter bus, and a five hour stay requirement.  It was agreed that the best day of the week for the club members and club guests is a Saturday.  April 25 is the date that was agreed upon.  Gudiel and Ramon Rodriguez agreed that a flyer will need to printed ASAP that promotes this event.  In order for this casino trip be a financial success there will have to be immediate publicity and promotion in order to obtain a full bus of 45 persons, signing up to take this trip !!!

Club President Gudiel Crosthwaite explained that on Tue, Feb 25 he met with Lynwood City Manager about the possibility of installing a sign on Harriet Tubman Lane/ Street, adjacent to the City Hall, commemorating the accomplishments of Harriet Tubman, in bringing slaves to their freedom at the time of the Civil War.  Gudiel, said that the city manager strongly supports this proposal, and that the city can provide a pole for the sign.  So a club member will need to work with companies that can design and produce appropriate signs.  (J. D. Whitaker has stated to Daniel that is available to help with this proposed project.)  One or more cost estimates will be necessary from sign makers.  Perhaps a club campaign can promote this proposal with the objective of obtaining contributions, in addition to using club funds to pay for the cost.  Also, at the time of the installation, perhaps a celebration of this accomplishment will be in order.

Daniel mentioned that the speaker at last week’s 6pm meeting, LUSD Board member, Alfonso Morales, provided a great deal of interesting information about the accomplishments and current innovative programs at LUSD.  President Gudiel Crosthwaite commented on Daniel’s suggestion that Mr. Morales come back to talk about his law practice in Lynwood which specializes in immigration legal issues.   Gudiel suggested that the club  could promote an event within the community to come to a Rotary meeting that would be a workshop dealing with current immigration issues, at which Alfonso Morales would preside and answer questions from attendees.

Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club