At the April 14th meeting, members and guests heard the presentation by Leticia Vasquez, Central Basin Municipal Water District, Director, District 4 and by Prescilla Segura, Public Information Officer, who presented various programs and issues relating to the Central Basin Municipal Water District 

Using a easy to understand power point presentation, information was provided about the water district, about various  programs relating to the mission of the water district, also about a number of issues to include recent data pertaining to the climate and drought situation in California.

Director Leticia Vasquez provided an overview, followed by the informative slide program presented by Prescilla Segura.

The information provided included the Central Basin projects and funding from:  Proposition 50, and Proposition  84, both administered by the Department of Water Resources.  Also Proposition 1, the State Water Bond.  Assembly Member Anthony Rendon has been and is a major supporter of the state Water Bond.

Of particular note, was the description of the expanded use of recycled water for parks and school grounds.  For example, the cities of Lynwood, South Gate and Bell Gardens are receiving additional recycled water.

Comments from the meeting attendees included Rotary member Raj who commented that after a rain one can observe a lot of water from the LA River draining to the ocean, and whether it is feasible to capture this rain runoff.  Also Marvin Aceves commented about  whether any funding was available for repairs of leaking sprinkler piping in several large condominium projects he has been involved in as a construction contractor. 

Director Leticia Vasquez commented that there has been available rebates for the costs of new draught tolerant landscaping.  She mentioned the example of the home of Lorene Reed in Lynwood who received compensation for her new draught tolerant landscaping and noting that Lorene's water cost  is less than one half of the previous cost. 

Before the presentation  President Martina Rodriguez talked about the passing of long term club member, Oliver Conner.  At last week's meeting, it was a shock to all to find out that Oliver had died of a heart attack the day before.  Martina said that based on communication with Oliver's family in Georgia,  there will be a memorial service and burial on Saturday afternoon, April 23, at a nearby cemetery.   Martina will have the details at the April 21 Rotary meeting.

Martina also mentioned the coming annual  Rotary District Conference from April 28 to May 1, in San Diego.

 Also coming soon, is the annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life in Lynwood Park.  Last year the Lynwood Rotary Club was a major participant and also a major contributor.   This year the Lynwood club will again have a team, with Club Secretary Maria Quinonez (Lulu) again in charge of Rotary participation.  This 24 hour event will take place from Sat, Jun 25, 9am to Sun, Jun 26, 9am.

              Daniel Miller /  Omar Franco

            Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club