At the April 27, 2017 meeting, members and guests heard Rajinder Dhaliwal, long term member of the Lynwood Rotary Club and owner of TAZ Office and School Supply Store at 11410 Long Beach Blvd. City of Lynwood

Before the speaker, Club President Ramon Rodriguez talked about the success of the important event during the past week:  the Earth Day event which was held in front of City Hall on Sat, Apr 22, from 10 am to 2pm. In addition to the attendance of President Ramon, two other Rotary members came by to show their support.  Overall, President noted that this event was well-attended, with tables set up for various groups, and also a food truck was present.

 And Ramon mentioned the coming event at The Lynwood Union Gallery on Sat, April 29, 12pm – 4-pm, entitled L.A. Riots:  Lynwood.  At the Apr 20 meeting, Daniel mentioned Rowland Becerra's quote from the weekly email update:  “The L.A. Riots changed many communities.  This is our story.”

And Ramon mentioned the importance of the coming Lynwood Rotary Club Fireworks Stand sales from July 1 thru July 4.


The Presentation from Club Member Rajinder Dhaliwal explained the importance of the business development that has occurred and continues to occur in the country of India.

As mentioned by Raj, India is part of a group of countries that is emerging to become more significant world-wide, which includes besides India, Brazil, Russia and China.

The educational system in India is producing students who are more advanced compared to the US.  A personal example, when Raj's daughter Amana came to the US she was way ahead of students for her age here. 

Another example cited by Raj is the fact that in California's Silicon Valley the technical industries employ a high percentage of employees who come from India and were educated in India.  Raj also cited the industries of the medical field and of NASA who employ a significant percentage of employees from India.

 Another fact stated by Raj: “the eight largest companies in America are run by Indians.”  Referring to people born and educated in the country of India.

 So now we see a trend of many aspiring young people going to India to study in order to help assure their success in technically demanding jobs.

Raj presented a number of comparisons relating to the business world.  Just to mention several herein:  as to the key statistic of economic comparison of GDP, Raj stated that the US is around 2% this year compared to 7% for India  


 Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra –

 Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club