At the April 28th meeting, members and guests heard the presentation by Pamela Carmona, Project Manager, St. Francis Medical Center, for Choose Health LA kid.


Ms. Carmona talked about this outreach effort to involve the community in proper nutrition for children. 

This project involves pilot teams to get restaurants to make available and encourage children to  obtain more nutritious meals.  The objective is less quantity and more healthy meals. 

La Huasteca Restaurant in Plaza Mexico was the first restaurant to participate in the program.  The restaurant has a insert in the regular menu to feature healthy menu items for children.  Another participating restaurant that was mentioned is Periguete Restaurant in Paramount.

Ms. Carmona described the work of this program that involves all the schools.

Comments from the audience included  Rotary Club President for 2016- 2017, Ramon Rodriguez, who asked about the food and vegetables and fruit that is sold at Farmers Markets. 

Club member Raj commented that EBT cards can now be used to purchase food at fast food restaurants.  He commented that typical food purchased at these restaurants is not conducive to avoiding obesity in children. .

Pamela Carmona also talked about the need for regular healthy exercise for youth.  In this context, she mentioned  the Ciclivia event coming to several Southeast LA County cities, to include the City of Lynwood, on May 15.  There will be a network of streets closed to regular traffic in order to enable bike riders to use the entire street for the day.  In the City of Lynwood, Long Beach Blvd. will a part of this network of streets for bike riding for the day.

Before the presentation by the speaker,  Club President Martina Rodriguez mentioned the fund raising event that Tila and Fernando were going to hold the next day on Apr 29 at Roosevelt ES for the benefit YouthAct activities and programs.  The fund raising involved Tacos Loteria. 

Daniel Miller /  Omar Franco 

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club