Posted by Gurdip Hari on May 24, 2018

 At the May 24 meeting, Rotary members in attendance and guests enjoyed the interesting presentations from the speakers, representing Congresswoman  Nanette Diaz Barragan, 44th Congressional District, Francisco Carrillo, District Director and staff member Gabriella Cid

Before the presentation, there was more discussion of a community fund raising project, that a representative explained, from Plaza Mexico, Kiana Velasco, Marketing & Community Relations, at the May 10 meeting.  Community Fundraising tickets were distributed to all the members present.  These are sales tickets from Snow Factory, for ice cream, priced at $5.99 each. The tickets are color coded for the participating nonprofit organizations.  The Rotary tickets have a yellow circle on them.  The Snow Factory is located on the second floor of Plaza Mexico. So Rotary members can walk around Plaza Mexico urging persons to take a Rotary ticket and buy the ice cream at the Snow Factory store, explaining that Rotary will get the full price of $5.99 donated to the Lynwood Rotary Club.

There was also more informal discussion about meeting with the candidates to become Rotary members, so that that they fully understand what Rotary is, and what are the responsibilities in becoming a member.  It was noted that the list of six candidates would become part of the 6pm meeting group, with reduced membership costs, and with an expectation of attending regularly only the 6pm meetings.  It was suggested that the candidates be urged to attend next week's 6pm meeting on May 31, to meet with the club president and hear exactly the expectations for the candidates to become Rotary members.

(The Lynwood Rotary Club sent a memorial wreath for the funeral service for the unexpected death of a daughter of Iris Pygatt and her husband.  The card of appreciation states: “To the Lynwod Rotary Club –  The family of Dr. Tami Pygatt –Dan Raro wishes to express Sincere thanks for the lovely flowers sent to console our hearts.  We appreciate the kind words and thoughts and thank God for such wonderful friends.  We thank you so much.  Love The Pygatt family and the Dan Raro family.”

(A repeat from the May 17 meeting, there is a deadline coming for the Lynwood Rotary to commit to again being a sponsor, at a cost of $1,000., for the Relay for Life by the American Cancer Society.  As last year, the 24-Hour event will be in South Gate Park on Fri and Sat, Jul 20 & Jul 21   and the deadline to be a sponsor is in Jun.)

The speakers were Francisco Carillo and Gabriella Cid.  One of the Congresswoman's programs for the 44th District was the student art competition.  On the cover page of this weekly email update is a complete statement about the competition and the winner.  The winning art was from a LUSD student, Evelyn Granados, from Lynwood High School.  Of note, is that of the 121 students submitting entries, at total of 49 entries were from students within LUSD!!!  Way to go!!!

Another coming event is the Senior Briefing & Health Fair for Friday, Jul 20, 9am- 2pm at the Carson Community Center.  There will be over 60 organizations for free health screenings and services.

As explained, environmental issues are very important to the congresswoman, especially air quality and water quality for all the residents of the 44th Congressional District.  Other issues are helping ensure that there are no hateful and hurtful actions in the District, including protection to persons in the DACA program   the congresswoman met recently with the ICE Director, successfully getting a man released.  Another recent action was meeting with Los Angeles City officials about the proposed citizenship question on the next Census Count.  This planned question has the potential to discourage participation from immigrant groups. (A decrease in the census count would mean less funds for California from Federal funds based on census data.)

See the cover page to the weekly update for more information on Youth act planned activities.


Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club