At the May 26th meeting, members and guests heard a presentation from Chris Wilson, Field Representative for Assembly member Mike Gipson, 64th  Assembly District.  In the introduction, Daniel exclaimed that it is always nice to see Chris at the Lynwood Rotary meetings.    Also glad to have Kyle Lee, Intern for the assembly member.   Upon inquiry, Kyle explained that he is a recent graduate of CSU Dominguez Hills, majoring in Political Science.

Chris talked about the Sat, May 28 Conference, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm at CSU Dominguez Hills, Loker Student Union, 1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90747.  As stated on the flyer Chris distributed, “It’s Our Neighborhood” Conference “Organizing and Empowering for Action.”  “Calling all NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL and NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH LEADERS.”  Chris explained that after the 9:30 am – 10:00 orientation and getting acquainted time,  there will be four breakout sessions of a half hour each, so that attendees can attend all four sessions, prior to the final get together.  At the conference will be law enforcement from LAPD, also Deputy Williams from the LASD Century Station, also LAFD and LA County FD.  Training programs to be discussed, include CERT, COPE, American Red Cross, and Cal Geological Staff (earthquake preparations).  Also, resources available thru 211 Calls will be explained.  Chris noted that the City of Lynwood and its residents are a good example of a community that other areas should replicate!  Questions from attendees included Martina, who expressed an interest in how to better prepare for earthquake disasters.  Daniel stated that he will attend the Sat conference.

Chris also talked about legislative issues, noting that tomorrow; Fri, May 27 is the deadline for submitting legislative proposals that affect the state budget.  Chris mentioned proposed AB2055 that Assembly Member Gipson is supporting.  In some ways this bill seeks to replace the work of the city redevelopment agencies that were abolished a few years ago.  The intent is to enable “business friendly” tax breaks that are intended, to accomplish a variety of community development projects, to include affordable housing.  Chris described how he and Assembly Member Gipson stayed overnight in Wilmington, traversing “street corner to street corner” to talk face to face to homeless people about their housing needs.  He mentioned talking to a woman who said her name was “Noname.”  There were follow up communications, and now “Noname” is residing in a home provided by a community nonprofit org.  Chris commented that public agencies need to be good listeners to the homeless in helping them to relocate into housing that meets their needs.  Ramon asked about how the data is used from the annual homeless counts (in which Lynwood Rotary members participate).  Chris replied that the County homeless authority uses the data to help get more federal funding and to set priorities for homeless housing.

Before the presentation by Chris Wilson, Ramon Rodriguez talked about the plans for the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Lynwood Rotary Youth act at Roosevelt ES.  The event will be held on Friday evening, Jun 24, starting at 5pm in the large banquet room at Bateman Hall.  Ramon noted that all Youth act members and their families for the ten years of Youth act will be invited, and that 300 attendees are being planned.  In addition Lynwood Rotary members and their families for this time period, are invited, and 40 attendees are projected from this group.  Also some of the speakers at the weekly meetings will be invited to attend.  As to financing, Youth act is contributing to the cost, and in addition, Ramon explained, that the annual Lynwood Rotary budget provides for $1,500 for an annual event like this.  

Daniel Miller/ Omar Franco/ Rowland Becerra  Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club