At the  May  30,  6 pm,  meeting,  Club  President-Barbara Battle ,   called the meeting to order.

Before the presentation by the speaker,  President-Elect, Gudiel Crosthwaite, (and LUSD Superintendent), talked about a LUSD staff person, who was attending his first Lynwood Rotary meeting.  He is on the staff of LUSD, and is also a leader in one of the  unions representing LUSD staff, (and at the end of the meeting, he agreed to  be a speaker at a meeting in August.)

There was mention again of preparation for the fireworks stand, to include having volunteers present when the product is delivered, before, Jul 1,  and also to have staff present after sales close at 10 pm on Thur , Jul 4.  Completion of the inventory of the unsold product and the packing of the product and delivery to the Phantom Fireworks location, is a major effort, late on the evening of Jul 4.   Another requirement is to have one or more volunteers to be on site, each night that the fireworks stand has product present.  (The procedure involves spending the night in a vehicle parked close to the  stand.)

Fernando and Tila Millan were present with several officers of the Roosevelt ES Youithact Club, as well as two parents.  It was noted again that this group attended the District 5280 Annual Conference, on Sat Mar 18, at the Marriot Hotel in Ventura, to be recognized by District Governor, Joe Vasquez, for the accomplishments of the  Youthact Club.

Daniel introduced the speaker, as Dr. Larry Esparza, noting  that Larry is  also  trained and experienced as a professional chiropractor.  Long term Rotary member Larry  Esparza, talked about his long term experiences with the US Air Force, consisting of  two periods of active duty, with a combined service of about 28 years.  He talked about his participation in multiple campaigns, involving the near east, terms that  evoke much US military and US foreign policy actions.  The military campaigns include:  Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Iraq Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Anacanda. 

It was interesting to hear Larry talk about his efforts to get hired a second time into the active Air Force Reserve, being 40 years old at the time. There was mention of Fr. Bragg, NC and the 82nd Airborne Unit.   Larry’s presentation included film of a huge  equipment for loading onto aircraft of huge weapons.  And the film of paratroopers in training, having to jump out of aircraft while thousands of feet in altitude, are images not to be forgotten!

Daniel thanked Larry for his most interesting and memorable  presentation, before a very large  turnout for this evening meeting.

On a separate  topic, Daniel again the Sheriff’s Department Century Station Prayer Breakfast, scheduled for Wed, Jun 5, 9:30 am  --  11:30 am, Century Station, Kenneth Hahn Auditorium.  Daniel stated he would attend, with the hope that one or more other Lynwood Rotary members would attend.


   Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club