Posted by Gurdip Hari on May 31, 2018

At the May 31 meeting, Rotary members in attendance and guests enjoyed the interesting presentations from the Youth act leaders, Tila and Fernando Millan and the Youth act leaders present.

This meeting had one of the largest number of attendees in memory with extra tables being added as more and more persons showed up, to include Youth act members, their parents, candidates for 6pm meeting membership to be interviewed and members of the community.)

A Power Point Program, led by Youth act Leaders Tila and Fernando, was very interesting, showing recent activities.  The Youth act president and other officers were introduced, and the Youth act President made part of the presentation.    The benefits of youth involvement in Youth act were mentioned, including the mother of Youth act President, Alex Brizuela, and of his brother, Fernando, Youth act Secretary, talking about the skills her sons have acquired in speaking and in learning to coordinate club activities.

Fernando and Tila have accepted responsibility for organizing the Fireworks Stand Sales this year, and Fernando noted that he will need ALL Rotary members to volunteer time during the four days of sales, plus the day before, in getting ready for sales, starting July 1 thru July 4.  Also, the Youth act organization will provide lunch for all Fireworks Stand workers on Jul 3.

Other Youth act discussion is the expected significant growth in Youth act membership, due in part to the support from Gudiel Crosthwaite and Juan Barrosco.  Also mentioned is the planned trip to Corazon De La Vida orphanage in Tijuana, Sat, Jun 23.

Before the Youth act presentations, opportunity for fund raising was again explained by club member Roman Rodriguez.  These are sales tickets from Snow Factory, for ice cream, priced at $5.99 each. The tickets are color coded for the participating nonprofit organizations.  The Rotary tickets have a yellow circle on them.  The Snow Factory is located on the second floor of Plaza Mexico.  So Rotary members can walk around Plaza Mexico urging persons to take a Rotary ticket and buy the ice cream at the Snow Factory store, explaining that Rotary will get the full price of $5.99 donated to the Lynwood Rotary Club.

Club Secretary Maria Quinionez (Lulu) again talked about the coming American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, Sat – Sun, 24 hours, Jul 20 & Jul 21, again in South Gate Park.  If Lynwood Rotary Club wants to be listed as a sponsor, the club needs to make a $1,000 donation in early June.  Like last year, individual contributions are needed to the club, so Lynwood Rotary can make a $1,000 contribution.  (Daniel at the meeting wrote a check to the club for $200, so that leaves $800 needed from other club members so the club can be sponsoring this important community event.)

Club member and LUSD Superintendent, Gudiel Crosthwaite, provided  several items of good news: Lynwood Unified School District just received a grant of over 4.2 million dollars to expand after school Saturday programs; LUSD will expand summer programs for K-8 students from 8:30 – 12:30 to 8:30 – 3:30 pm; New Pathway High School is under construction and should be completed by Aug 2018;  lastly, Juan Barroso, LUSD Coordinator and former Youth act advisor announced that he is speaking with high school students and teachers to identify an advisor for each high school.

At the end of the meeting, Club Board members met with the candidates to become members for the 6pm meetings, all of whom were present.  Club member Raj led the presentation about the benefits of becoming a Rotary member, and about the expectations for participation in club projects and activities.

 See the cover page to the weekly update for more information on Youth act planned activities.  Specifically, the Friday, June 8, 5pm event, at Bateman Hall, Rotary members encouraged to attend, but RSVP required, call Mr. Millan, (323) 422 – 8328.

 Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club