At the  May 7,   Video/  Phone meeting at  12:30 pm  

Lynwood Rotary Club President, Gudiel Crosthwaite, took the lead in sharing info with other meeting attendees.

Gudiel started the discussions, what would we have done differently, if on March 1, we knew what was going to happen to the community?

Then Gudiel looked to Audrey Casa, staff member at Pathway Continuation HS, and to Jeff Ballinger, teacher at the same school, for their sharing of info.  Jeff said he has asked coworkers for donations of $10.00 to help needy families.  Then he asked Audrey to join him to help families with income loss due to reduced employment.

There was sharing of info about a Resource Fair at Cesar Chavez MS, that included gift cards for groceries.  There was a radio station that participated in the Resource Fair.  Rotary member Elsa Chagolla, along with Audrey noted that the families who were helped were very grateful for the assistance provided. 

Then Gudiel asked Elsa about the Food Pantry.  Elsa suggested that Lynwood Rotary do a Service Day as a substitute for a virtual Rotary meeting.  The Service Day would help out at the Food Pantry at the Lynwood Emmanuel Church.  (See the meeting update info for the Service Day Event on Wed, May 13 from the hours of 10am to 12 Noon to help package the food and /or to help with food distribution from 12 Noon to 2pm. )   Also hats and masks, each with Rotary insignia are available:  $10.00 each for the masks, and $15.00 for the hats. (Call or email Fernando to order them.)

Fernando shared that he attended the District 5280 Virtual Breakfast Meeting on Tue, May 5.   He shared that by the fall of 2020,  the District hopes to be able to start holding regular (face to face) meetings, instead of virtual meetings.

Then Gudiel shared that through a Lynwood Rotary Foundation source of funds, there will be four scholarships awarded as follows:  at LHS and at FHS –  1 general ed. and 1 special ed scholarship.  Also Fernando expressed his surprise and appreciation for a elementary student contributing from her piggy bank $100 for the foundation.

At the Lynwood Rotary Video meeting, there was one question again, as to whether the City of Lynwood has mentioned when it plans to reopen.  As of the meeting day of   May 7, there has been no information available on this important date.

  Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club