Posted by Gurdip Hari on Jun 07, 2018

 At the  June 7  meeting, Rotary members in attendance and guests  engaged in discussions about several topics.

There was a detailed discussion of the specific charges / dues that 6pm members of the Lynwood Rotary Club will be responsible to pay.  Club Treasurer, Martina Rodriguez led the discussion, along with Club President, Joe Wang.  Club member Raj helped to clarify and simplify the explanation of the costs that the 6pm members will have to pay.

In response to a question from Daniel, the candidate new members are as follows:  Rowland Becerra, Joe Battle Jr., Yolandra Rodriguez, and Marisela Santana.  Although he did not attend the 6pm May 31 Rotary Meeting, as requested, Daniel asked Roman Rodriguez to call Juan Enciso because Juan had stated to Daniel of his intention to rejoin the club, as a 6pm member.  It was noted that Joaquin Mesinas, is not ready at this time to rejoin the Lynwood Rotary Club, but maybe later he can do this.

Guest J.D. Whitaker offered comments, in response to a question from Martina Rodriguez, in regard to new situations within the city involving illegal marijuana sales.

There was a brief discussion again of the coming American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, during the 24 hours event from Sat, Jul 20 until Sunday morning, Jul 21.  Based on individual contributions (starting with a check from Daniel for $200) Club Treasurer, Martina will issue a check in the coming week for $1,000, so that the Lynwood Rotary Club will be listed as an official sponsor again of this annual event.  As occurred last year, the event will again be held in South Gate Park.

A repeat from the May 31 meeting notes, Fernando and Tila have accepted responsibility for organizing the Fireworks Stand Sales this year, and Fernando noted that he will need ALL Rotary members to volunteer time during the four days of sales, plus the day before, in getting ready for sales, starting Jul 1 thru Jul 4.  Also the Youthact organization will provide lunch for all Fireworks Stand workers on Tue, Jul 3.

Also a repeat from the May 31 notes is the  opportunity for fund raising through distribution of the Snow Factory tickets.    These are sales tickets from Snow Factory, for ice cream, priced at $5.99 each. The tickets are color coded for the participating non profit organizations.  The Rotary tickets have a yellow circle on them.  The Snow Factory is located on the second floor of Plaza Mexico.  So Rotary members can walk around Plaza Mexico urging persons to take a Rotary ticket and buy the ice cream at the Snow Factory store, explaining that Rotary will get the full price of $5.99 donated to the Lynwood Rotary Club.

Also mentioned is the planned trip to Corazon De La Vida orphange in Tijuana, Sat, Jun 23.

Note:  To be mentioned at the weekly Jun 14 Rotary meeting, was the great success of the Fri, Jun 8, 5pm – 8pm (in Bateman Hall) Youthact Annual Banquet and Officer Awards and installation of new Youthact officers for the year starting, July 1.  ( A large number of Rotary members attended this important annual event for Youthact members and their parents.)

 Daniel Miller /  Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra – 

 Public Relations  and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club