Posted by Gurdip Hari on Jun 28, 2018

At the  Jun 28  meeting, Rotary members in attendance and guests participated in and enjoyed the annual installation of Officers Meeting.

There are no changes for Secretary, Maria (Lulu) Quinionez; and for Treasurer, Martina Rodriguez.  For  2017-2018, the President was Joseph Wang and the President Elect was Barbara Battle; the 1st Vice President was Gudiel R. Crosthwaite, and the Immediate Past President was Ramon Rodriguez.  For 2018-2019, the President is Barbara Battle, President Elect is Gudiel R. Crosthwaite, and 1st Vice-President is Victor Gomez.

The Directors for 2017-2018 were Carlos Manlapaz, Daniel Miller and Iris Pygatt.  The Directors for 2018-2019 are Rajen Dhaliwal, Alejandra Avalos, Daniel Miller and Iris Pygatt.

New members installed for the so-called 6pm Meeting Group of the Lynwood Rotary Club are:  Yolandra Rodriguez, Joe Battle Jr., and Rowland Becerra.  Marisela Santana, who was slated to become a member, was unable to attend.  Also Daniel commented that Juan Enciso, who attended the meeting, had been considered to become a member, but declined due to his time commitments for his business.  Juan stated that perhaps soon he can become a candidate.

Awards were given for Rotarians-of-the Year:  to Tila and Fernando Millan; also for Membership Accomplishments to Ramon Rodriguez; and for Community Service to Daniel Miller.

After the Member Officer installations, Youthact officers and members present, were recognized.  Those present were:  Fernando Brizuela, President; Amanda Alva, Vice President;  Andrea Hernandez, Secretary;  Ginelle Miranda, Treasurer;  Analia Alvarez, Historian;  Alejandro Brizuela, Community Liaison;  also members present were Michelle & Fernando Brizuela, and Bryanne Miranda.

At the end of the meeting, there was a fun auction, led by Raj, of donated items, several of which items, received many bids ( with the winning bid, of course, resulting in more donated income to the club).  Just before the auction, Daniel displayed customized T-shirts that the Rotary Club will sell at its table, for the National Night Out event in the front lawn of the Lynwood City Hall, on Tue, evening, Aug 7.  From last year, more T-shirts will be on sale, with customized emblems:  One saying, “Straight out of Lynwood,” and one T-shirt with a design of the 105 Freeway, showing “The City of Lynwood”.  And a new T-shirt with a photo collage from Plaza Mexico, with the Plaza Mexico Logo, and the Phrase City of Lynwood, thanks in part to the cooperation of Mario Cardenas, General Manager, Plaza Mexico.

Concerning the fireworks stand, Joe Wang and Barbara Battle emphasized the importance of all Rotary members as well as Youthact officers, members and their parents to work the Lynwood Rotary Fireworks Stand, from Sunday, Jul 1 thru, Wed, Jul 4.  Also, Thur, Jul 5, assistance is needed in preparing the unsold fireworks products for delivery to the Phantom Fireworks site for return to the company.

It was noted that there will be no meeting on Thursday, Jul 5.  On Wed, Jul 4 there will be an informal meeting at the fireworks stand, at which food will be prepared by our usual catering firm.

Concerning the American Cancer Society Relay For Life event, Jul 21-22 in South Gate Park, Club Secretary reminded, Lulu, reminded everyone that participation in this annual 24 hour event is strongly encouraged.  Treasurer noted that a total of $1,100  from club members have been donated.  So that the Lynwood Rotary Club will be officially a sponsor.  Also a repeat from the May 31 notes is the  opportunity for fund raising through distribution of the Snow Factory tickets.    These are sales tickets from Snow Factory, for ice cream, priced at $5.99 each. The tickets are color coded for the participating non profit organizations.  The Rotary tickets have a yellow circle on them.  The Snow Factory is located on the second floor of Plaza Mexico.  So Rotary members can walk around Plaza Mexico urging persons to take a Rotary ticket and buy the ice cream at the Snow Factory store, explaining that Rotary will get the full price of $5.99 donated to the Lynwood Rotary Club.

    Daniel Miller /  Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra –   Public Relations  and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club