At the July 30  Video Phone Meeting at 12:30 pm- 1:15 pm,  Lynwood Rotary Club President, Fernando Millan for the Year 2020 – 2021,  took the lead in sharing info with other meeting attendees.
Of note,   Assistant 5280 District Governor. Karen Greenberg, was present at this video meeting .
Also of note,  Daniel was asked to lead with the Pledge of Allegiance, and Tila Millan shared a Inspirational Message with a quote from Harriet Tubman.
Among the items shared was the Lynwood Rotary Club participation in the Community Service Day at  Cesar Chavez  MS on Sat Jul 25  from about 7am to about noon.  Food was distributed to families lined up on the street in front of the school.  About 9 Lynwood Rotary members distributed hand sanitizers in bottles (obtained from the Carson Rotary Club and several other Rotary clubs from that area) together with an info card, explaining safe practices during the Pandemic.  Also, there were 10 gift cards Lynwood Rotary distributed, each with a value of $50.00.
From the previous Video meeting,
Tila and Fernando shared info about 4 prospective new club members:  Brenda Romero, Real Estate Business, and a LUSD Para Professional for Special Ed. (also Youthact parent) ;   Lydia Hernandez, LUSD Resource Specialist, she helps students with academic needs;  Rita Soto.  Vice Principal Roosevelt ES;  Alma Plascencia, Educator for Solution Plus (the company provides home visits for people with special needs).  It was shared that there must be a meeting with these four prospective new members, to ensure that they understand the objectives of the club and their responsibilities as members.
Two of the four prospective new members met with Ramon Rodriguez, at his house on Jul 25, 6:30 pm –  10:00 pm.  The two were  Rita Soto and Alma Plascencia.  The other two prospective members met at the home of Fernando and Tila on Jul 30, starting at 4:30 pm.  There names are Lydia Hernandez and Brenda Romero.
It was shared that there will be another Community Day of Service on Thur, Aug 13, adjacent to  LUSD offices on Bullis Road from 12 :30 pm to 2:00 pm.  The Rotary Club may again distribute bottles of hand sanitizers.
It was also shared that there will be a speaker at the Aug 6 Video meeting.  She is Kailyn Canes, a student at LHS and previously a member of Youthact at Roosevelt ES.  (She may mention about the possibility of getting a Interact Club started thru LUSD.}
  NOTE:  By a decision of The City of Lynwood at a recent City Council meeting, the City will be closed until further notice. 
   Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club