At the August 18th meeting, members and guests heard Michael Kodama, Project Manager, under contract to the City of Lynwood, for the Lynwood Transit Area Strategic Plan,
The City of Lynwood received an $800,000 planning grant from LA Metro, to develop a land use plan for development adjacent to the Green Line Station, north along Long Beach Blvd. and then west along Imperial Hwy. to Alameda Street, to include the Plaza Mexico property.
The speaker, Michael Kodama, provided explanations, with the support of his power point presentation.  The presentation included photos of commercial and residential properties in mixed land use.  One of the objectives is to access transit centers, in this case, the Long Beach Blvd. Green Line Station, in a manner that encourages walking and biking access.  For example, a change in the on and off ramps to the 105 Freeway, are proposed as a means of improving pedestrian and bike access to this station.  The speaker also mentioned better access from the new Linear Park and from the LA River trail to this station.
The speaker mentioned the land use concept of mixed land use between commercial use at the street level and residences on floors above the street level.  The speaker described how new apartments should be designed to open into adjacent open spaces.  Within this area, there can be a multi-level parking structure with ground floor commercial.  Also that parking can be shared between adjacent commercial and residential uses. The speaker described that the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires detailed analysis of impacts and of mitigation measures.
Daniel asked Rotary guest Paulette Bradley to comment, since Paulette is a regular rider of the LA Metro bus and rail system, to include regular travel to downtown LA (DTLA) and to West LA.  First of all, she noted that the changes to the ticket vending machines (TVMs) make it much easier to pay the fares for bus and rail.  She noted that both pedestrian and auto access to this station should be improved and that the lighting for the station at the street level should be improved so that it is not so dark both at night and also during the day.  Daniel commented that there should be a direct pedestrian access to Plaza Mexico, adjacent to the Motel, to encourage use of Plaza Mexico by Green Line riders.  With such improved access, it could generate use of Plaza Mexico from other areas of Metropolitan LA, especially considering the expanding LA Metro rail system.
Important coming dates for the Lynwood Transit Area Strategic Plan: Wed, Aug 30, City of Lynwood Planning Commission: Tuesday September 6 and Tuesday, September 20 City of Lynwood City Council
Before the presentation President Ramon Rodriguez, thanked all the members for providing excellent explanation of the work done by Lynwood Rotary Club, at last week’s annual visit by the District Governor.  Ramon exclaimed that Governor Greg O’ Brien was impressed with the club’s activities and programs.  Ramon noted that it is good that our members associate effectively with each other. The two new members that were inducted by the Governor:  Barbara Battle and Ruben Cervantes, is a start for membership growth.  By the end of the year Ramon stated that we should strive for a total of 20 members.  Barbara Battle may be involved in youth leadership.  Also the club has the potential to work with Ruben Cervantes in his physical training programs in the community.  For example, Ruben described Michelle Obama’s program to encourage youth to become more physically active:  “Get Moving”. 
President Ramon mentioned how the Lynwood Rotary Club used to be involved in Rotary International work.  He cited the support of the Door of Faith Orphanage in Tijuana, and suggested the club consider providing assistance again, to include regular visits to the orphanage.
Club Secretary Lulu received a thank you from the American Cancer Society for the $1,000 donation by individual club members as part of the club’s participation in the annual Relay for Life event at Lynwood Park.
President Ramon again mentioned coming events:  the annual District Picnic and boat races at Redondo Beach on Saturday August 27, 5pm – 9pm also the Pizza Party at Shakey’s Restaurant in Paramount, for Youth act and their parents on Tuesday, September 13, at 6pm.  Also the Rotary District dinner event at the USS Iowa Battle Ship in San Pedro Saturday October 22 3pm-9pm. The first announcement of a Rotary District Breakfast at Lawry’s 100 North La Cienega Blvd. LA, Annual Literacy Breakfast (no charge, but reservations required by September 5.)  Ticket books for the raffle at the Oct 22 Rotary Foundation event were distributed to members.  Club members are asked to sell all ten tickets at $10 each (=$100), both to publicize Rotary and to raise funds for the District Rotary Event.
President Ramon, will determine whether the club will plan a casino bus trip, as a fund raising event for the club, depending on whether there is sufficient interest, since it is necessary to have a full bus of participants for the weekend event. 
Daniel Miller /Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra  
Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club