At the September 15h meeting, members and guests heard Ervin Bromell Jr.,  representing East Side Riders Bike Club (ESRBC). 
For 5 years the ESRBC has been operated out of a bike shop on Central Ave., one block north of Imperial Hwy. (in Watts), and open usually 9 to 5.  In the introduction, Daniel described that he met this club at an annual bike event held at Union Station several months ago.  It was explained that East Side does not refer to ELA, but rather to east side of Alameda St. in South LA.  The scheduled speaker, John Jones, is the owner of the bike shop.  His full time job is a staff member to LA City Councilmember Joe Buscaino, 15th District, which district encompasses, the areas of San Pedro, Wilmington, and extends to a portion of South LA.  John Jones had to travel to Washington DC to represent the council member.
The speaker Erwin started his presentation with a video of the ESRB doing bike trips in the community involving youth, along with other community youth activities.  The bike shop or bike center has had a youth training program that teaches complete repair and assembly of bikes.  The students are given a bike at the completion of the training.  The importance of bike safety and the rules for operating bikes are taught.  For example, bikes must be ridden only in streets, not on sidewalks.  It is illegal to ride a bike on a sidewalk; also bikes can be ridden only with the flow of traffic.  Not adhering to these rules subjects the violators to traffic violations, the same as a driving violation.  Students at the bike center are taught how to ride bikes safely.  Other events are held to provide free food to the community.  Also monthly memorial bike rides have been held in memory of crime related fatalities in the community.  All of these events are free, and funding continues to be much needed if the bike center is to stay open.  For anyone desiring to visit an event of this club, and/or to support the club in any way, speaker Erwin Bromell, Jr.  Can be contacted as follows:  (310) 736 – 7575;  EB, or Erwin Bromell resides with his family in Compton.
After the presentation, President Ramon Rodriguez had interesting background information on the amazing history of the USS IOWA Battle Ship.  The Lynwood Rotary Club has 10 people signed up to attend the Rotary District 5280 dinner on Sat, Oct 22, 3pm - 9pm.  Relating to this event, member Raj urged everyone to pay for their issue of raffle tickets for the Rotary Foundation fund rising.  Rotary member Ruben Cervantes talked about his planned Fitness Fair across the street from City Hall on Saturday, October 1, 10am -3pm.   Daniel mentioned the End of Summer Festival this coming weekend, Saturday, September 17, 11am – 4pm, across the street from Lynwood City Hall.  Daniel will attend the entire event, and President Rodriguez two hours, and Fernando will arrange for several Youth act members and parents to attend, 2pm – 4pm.  The City Recreation Department will provide a table for the Lynwood Rotary information, and Fernando will bring a canopy.
President Rodriguez mentioned another Rotary District 5280 Breakfast meeting on Saturday, October 15, from 7:30 am – 9:00 am at the Westin Hotel on Century Blvd. near LAX.  The speaker will be women’s Olympic Team 5 times’ winner, Janet Evans.  More information will be available at the next meeting.
A final note:  the Tuesday event, September 13, 6pm to 9pm, Shakeys Pizza Restaurant on Paramount Blvd. in Downey, was a great success, with a total of about 60- 70 turnout of Youth act, their parents, and Lynwood Rotary members and spouses.
Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra – 
Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club