Posted by Gurdip Hari on Sep 12, 2019
At the Sep 12, Noon meeting, Lynwood Club President – Gudiel Crosthwaite called the meeting to order. Since the speaker, Bruno Naulls, had to leave at 1 pm, his presentation preceded the discussion about Rotary business items. Bruno Naulls, as President of the City of Lynwood Neighborhood Block Watch, used a PowerPoint presentation and a handout to explain the purpose and accomplishments of the Lynwood Block Watch organization.
The Block Watch Executive Board consists of Bruno Naulls Sr. – President; Yolandra Rodriguez -- Vice President; Ana Barraza – Secretary; Maria Viera – Treasurer; and Mel Greer -- Sergeant at Arms; and Ramon Galindo, City of Lynwood staff support. As stated in the handout, OUR PURPOSE “Enhance QUALITY OF LIFE by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison between neighborhoods, law enforcement and the City of Lynwood, working together toward crime prevention and our safety, welfare, and health.” WORKING WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT “The neighborhood Watch Program is organized to enable law enforcement and the community to work together to make specific geographical areas more crime resistant to reduce crime. It is a citizen involvement, neighborhood and community-based effort, designed to help the Sheriff’s Department in preventing primarily residential burglaries. In harmony with the philosophy of Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch encourages strong working relationships between patrol officers and the citizens they serve.” THE BLOCK WATCH CAPTAIN IS THE VOICE OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD “Once a month the Block Watch Captain’s meet with the City advisor and Sheriff’s to discuss what is impacting their neighborhoods and get reports from the Sheriff’s about public safety issues in our community.
Bruno emphasized Block Watch Clubs create a sense of community. The organization contributes to a healthy life style by helping feelings of comfort and contributing to accomplishing one’s goals. If a block watch club does not yet exist, Bruno urged all residents to take the initiative, “If you do not do it, who will?” Bruno’s PowerPoint presentation had photos of last year’s National Night Out event. He noted that this year’s event was again an effective way for the community to come together. Bruno thanked Lynwood Rotary for again providing 500 hotdogs and buns and relishes for the event.
President Elect Victor Victor Gomez asked how many block watch captains are there. Bruno answered about 40 captains, and a little more than half attend the monthly meetings with the LASD officer and city staff. Victor asked what do I accomplish by organizing a block watch club? Bruno answered that you are creating an additional source for communicating with the LASD officers. At the monthly meetings, additional patrols could be implemented in a particular area, based observations communicated. Martina Rodriguez asked about the required size of a block in order to be eligible for a captain. Bruno noted they are flexible as to the exact size of a block. Raj asked about dues or financial support requirements. Bruno responded there are no financial support requirements from block watch participants. Bruno noted that funds can be requested from the city, such as the city’s financial contributions for the annual national out event.
After the presentation from Bruno Naulls, there was a brief discussion of the final preparations for the Lynwood Rotary Food Festival at Martina Rodriguez’ home (4 houses, east of Atlantic Ave.) There will be food and music. Martina said she is expecting 200 people. Martina said that Firebaugh HS has approved parking within the school’s parking lot and Martina said she will have a sign posted about the available parking. As noted in planning for this event, the purpose of this event is to raise funds for scholarships and to attract a large number of people in the community to increase awareness of the Lynwood Rotary club and its activities and events and to hopefully increase membership. Daniel noted that he publicized the event in a number of businesses along Atlantic Ave. and that for sure,three business owners said they would attend.
From last week’s meeting, this is repeated herein: Joe Wang mentioned Vision To Learn dates at FHS on four dates in one week: Sep 16, 17, 18, & 19 (Mon- Thur). Several club volunteers are needed each day.
The procedure involves checking students eye conditions.
Daniel Miller Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club