Posted by Gurdip (Honorary Member) Hari on Sep 28, 2017

At the September 28, evening meeting, Lynwood Rotary members and guests  present, heard Museum Docent Kathleen Rabago, representing Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum,  Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220, whose Executive Director is Luis F. Fernandez.

Adding to the interest in the presentation, Ms. Rabago was dressed as a lady of a hacienda of 150- 200 years ago from Alta California.  She discussed briefly the history of the Dominguez family and their rancho which was the first land grant by Spain and extended from the area where the rancho buildings are located (on Alameda St. just south of the City of Lynwood) all the way south to the Wilmington Harbor Area).

Kathleen also described a cloth map which showed historic adobe structures throughout the Los Angeles Region.  She noted that there are around 50 adobe structures in the LA Region, some still in private ownership. Dominguez Rancho was the first land grant from Spain.  Throughout what is now So Cal. lands were taken by US forces by treaty or military force.  Kathleen stated “US President Polk got his wish.”

Kathleen talked about the Battle of Dominguez Hill, which is celebrated annually and this year the event will be Sat, Oct 7 and Sun, Oct 8, from 10am to 4pm at the Dominguez Museum.  In 1846 there was a battle between the Californios and the US Forces on Dominguez Hill, using a canon that was stored for safe keeping by a woman in El Pueblo de Los Angeles.  In anticipation of a battle, the canon was dragged from El Pueblo de Los Angeles to Dominguez Hill. Hence the name “The Battle of the Old Woman's Gun.” The Californios won the battle and the US Forces retreated to the south.  Rowland Becerra stated he would attend this event and planned further discussions with Kathleen.  Daniel stated he hoped other Rotary members and guests would also attend this annual event.

Kathleen noted that she is personally involved in various events at historic sites.  These include the annual event at El Campo Cahuenga, Studio City, in Jan (City of LA Dept of Recreation).  Also she has talked to persons involved in the CA Historical Park in Encino, explaining that the natural spring that still exists there was an important stop for settlers/ travelers from Spain, ( and then from Mexico) traveling to San Fernando Mission and locations further north.  Also Kathleen mentioned the importance of the annual event in the San Diego Harbor, in celebration of the landing of Juan Cabrillo at the harbor for the King of Spain during the late 1700's years.

Daniel noted that the Dominguez Rancho history relates to a coming Rotary meeting, at which Mayor Pro Tem Jose Solache, a graduate of Cal State Dominguez, and also a current student from the same university, will talk about their experiences attending this university.  Quoting from the well-known book, The Rancho San Pedro by Robert Gillingham, “In 1965 the Board of Trustees of CA State Colleges voted to build a new campus on the west side of Dominguez Hills, about two miles from the ranch house.  That campus today is California State University Dominguez Hills, and it houses a special collection of Rancho San Pedro manuscripts”. Daniel encouraged everyone to visit the Dominguez Museum.  He explained that at the entrance to Museum on the left wall in large letters is:  “Rancho San Pedro Dominguez Adobe 18127” and on the right side in the same large letters is: “ Dominguez Seminary The Claretians 18127”.  Except for the museum and the immediate property, the rest of the spacious landscaped property belongs to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.    

Before the presentation by Kathleen Rabago, Club President Joe Wang explained that there is a request for Rotary members to help support a vision screening event for students at Cesar Chavez Middle School on Abbott Road.  The event starts at 8am on Thur, Oct 5 at the school.  Daniel and Joe and Larry agreed to show up to help with the event for the students.  Daniel noted that the three of us have to leave the event in time to attend the 12 Noon Rotary meeting.  There was mention of the Tamale Festival in the Front Lawn of the City Hall, for Sat, Oct 7, 10am – 2pm. There was a discussion among members to see if a group of members would plan to attend the Sat, Oct 28 Rotary District 5280 Foundation dinners, at which the Keynote speaker will be Dr. Peter Salk, Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation, and President.  Also Rotary member Tila Millan talked about the funds raised by Youth act for the hurricanes in the amount of $250.00.  It was decided that the Lynwood Rotary Club will coordinate sending the funds to a designated organization.  Also Tila talked about a planned Halloween and Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos event at the end of October.  Daniel noted guests Beatriz Gutierrez and Rosalia Perez who stated their interest in the speaker. 

Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra –  

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club