Posted by Gurdip (Honorary Member) Hari on Nov 09, 2017

At the November 9,   meeting, Lynwood Rotary members and guests heard a presentation from a speaker from the Central Basin Municipal Water District. Leticia Vasquez, a District Director for this agency, and previously a member of the Lynwood City Council, was unable to attend.

The speaker was Mark R. Moss, Education & Grants Manager for the agency.  From a very informative power point presentation, Mark explained the water situation in California.  These include the three aqueducts, one of which is the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) aqueduct from the Colorado River. The other two from north to south, is the aqueduct owned by LACW&P and a aqueduct in the Central San Joaquin Valley.  The MWD sells water to the Municipal Water District.  The Central Basin Municipal Water District provides water to 24 cities, serving 1.7 million people, in SELA Country, to include the City of Lynwood, and now it also provides recycled water. Ground water is endangered by subsidence, and in coastal areas, intrusion of salt water is a threat.  There are 8 members on the Central Basin agency, to include Leticia Vasquez.  An easy to read color map showed the extent of the recent drought throughout the state.  Photos of Oroville Dam, the tallest in the US, in the north showed the effect of the drought with the receding water levels, followed by the heavy rains last year and the damage to the spillway.  Gov. Jerry Brown is supporting the Cal Water Fix Plan which consists of two tunnels to bring water from the Delta in the north to the aqueduct in the Central Valley. The tunnels would be 40' in diameter and 30 miles long. Risks to the state, have been assessed, to include, climate change, sea level rise, lowering of ground water levels, and seismic dangers. Adequate funding is a big question. There has been extensive public input, resulting in a IRP, Integrated Regional Plan. Questions from the audience included Dr. Edwin Pygatt asking why we have to still save water. Mark Moss replied yes because the state, especially the southern part will always be short of water.  Victor Gomez raised the issue of “a train versus a water tunnel”.  It was noted that the High Speed Train project is another state project requiring major funding.  Afterword’s Daniel suggested a repeat presentation because of the importance of this and the easy to understand presentation

Before the presentation, there was discussion about several coming events that involve the Lynwood Rotary Club.  Among the items covered was the Vision to learn eye screening at LUSD schools.  There will be eye screening at the following two schools: Tuesday, November 14, at Will Rogers ES and Friday, November 17 at Wilson ES, the time is 8:30am to approximately 12 Noon. The Lynwood Club has committed to paying for 50 turkeys for the Turkey Give-Away at the Senior Center on Monday, November 20.  Rotary volunteers are encouraged to participate in this event on Tuesday am. There was discussion about coordination with a previous donor last year (a company) to see if another 50 turkeys could be donated. 

Concerning a Rotary float for the Friday, December 8 Christmas Parade, Past President Ramon Rodriguez, stated he expected a decision tomorrow about whether the Avalos Catering Firm, the supplier of the pickup truck and float vehicle in previous years will provide the same this year.  The Lynwood Club has committed a contribution of $500.00 for this purpose.(In any event, Rotary members and Youth act will participate in the parade with or without a float.)Daniel mentioned that several Lynwood Rotary members on Thursday morning, November 7,  attended the Veterans Day breakfast in Bateman Hall and Celebration in the new Veterans Memorial Garden in front of Bateman Hall:  besides himself, Larry Esparza and Dr. Edwin Pygatt and his wife Iris

Note from the previous meeting on Thursday, October 19, The City of Lynwood Director of Recreation and Community Activities, Mark Flores talked about coming events. This information is repeated herein, as a helpful reminder of coming events. Minus the events that have already occurred.

Saturday, November 18 9am- 12 Noon, a Job Fair at Lynwood Community Center; Monday, November 20, a Turkey give-away at the Senior Center, and apparently, LUSD has a similar event on the same day; (it was noted that Rotary members can help volunteer at the Senior Center for turkey give-away;  Tuesday, November  28, 10 am, Ribbon Cutting Event for opening of City Hall Annex; Thursday, November 30, 5:30pm  Mayor’s State of the City Address by Mayor Santillan- Beas in Bateman Hall (RSVP required); and Fri, Dec 8, Christmas Parade, with reception in Bateman Hall at 5pm and start of the parade at 7pm.  (Daniel noted that Lynwood Rotary and Youth act as usual will participate, starting with meeting at Martina’s home, with food provided, which is the location where the parade starts on MLK Blvd, east of Atlantic Ave.) 


Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club