At the December 1st meeting, members and guests discussed current Rotary events and plans.
Introductions included a first time visitor, Cecil Leighton, Esq.  currently a resident of Lynwood.  He mentioned that recently he was treated at St. Francis Medical Center, by Dr. Van Miller, the brother of Rotary member Daniel Miller.  His brother, Van, suggested that Cecil and Daniel might like to get acquainted.  So, with contact information from Dr. Van Miller, Daniel called Cecil and invited him to today's Rotary meeting.  Daniel commented that Cecil has known a lot about the history of SE Los Angeles County, including Lynwood.  In addition to practicing law, is a writer about a variety of subjects, including Catholic Theology.   Daniel commented that perhaps Cecil would become a Rotary member.
.Before the presentation, President Ramon Rodriguez provided an update on his effort to repair the trailer hitch that will be needed for the Rotary float in the Candy Cane Parade on Dec 2. Lucy's brother-in-law and Ivan will help with the float decoration and Ramon encouraged members to come to his store in the late afternoon on Thurs., Dec 1, to help the Rotary youth complete the float decorations.   He also mentioned the Turkey give away event at the Senior Event, two days before Thanksgiving, and thanked the excellent turnout of Rotary members to help with this event.  Rotary donated 120 turkeys through the financial help of local business, and in addition, there were about another 100 turkeys given away at the Senior Center.
President Ramon also talked about providing needed office supplies for residents of the Teen Challenge facility in Lynwood. He said that Cheryl Bradford, Manager of the Teen Challenge Lynwood facility will be invited to the Dec 15 Rotary meeting, along with the young adult women who reside in the facility. President Ramon also mentioned that everyone attending the Dec 15 meeting (including guests) should plan to bring a gift for giveaway among all attendees. Ramon also mentioned that he is helping plan for the memorial event at the Dec 8 meeting for the recently departed members, of which the most recent is Lucy Avalos.
Martina Rodriguez talked about the arrangements for the Candy Lane Parade on Fri starting at 4pm.  As usual, parents and Youth act participants will arrive at her house at 4pm for food and fun before the parade starts in front of her house, at about 6pm.  Daniel mentioned that the address is 5416 MLK Blvd., just east of Atlantic Ave.  Daniel encouraged all Rotary members to attend and march with the Rotary float.  If you arrive by 4pm parking is possible to find on the streets south of MLK Blvd.   Martina also mentioned preparing to donate several gift baskets to Teen Challenge at the Dec 15 meeting.
Marisela Santana showed a certificate prepared by the office of Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, in memory of Lucy Avalos.  Marisela said that she will arrange for a deputy to Assembly Member Rendon to present the certificate at the Dec 8 Rotary meeting.  Also, although she was attending an annual conference for City Clerks, there was mention that Lulu may be preparing Christmas baskets for needy families to include coordination with the Food 4 Less Market.

       Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra
Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club