Posted by Gurdip (Honorary Member) Hari on Feb 08, 2018

 At the February 8, meeting, members and guests heard a presentation from two groups:  the scheduled presentation from Jose Trejo, Deputy Director of the Department of Recreation and Community Services and the Superintendent from the same department, Diana Romero.

 At the meeting there was also a presentation from Vision to Learn.  The lead presenter was Erin Okazaki, BSN, RN, Health Services Specialist, and Lynwood Unified School District (LUSD). Also representing this organization were Flavio Gallarzo, LUSD Elementary Education Director, and Maribel Martinez, and Nora MacLellan.  Nora is a Volunteer Outreach Coordinator for the Rotary District 5280 Vision to Learn Program (and a member of the Westchester Rotary Club).

Before the two presentations, there were brief mention of several ongoing Lynwood Rotary projects and other community events.  President Joe Wang mentioned the sale of tickets for a Rotary District 5280 polio event.  Fourteen tickets have been sold, but Joe encouraged more to buy tickets.  Next week Friday, there will be a Vision to Learn event at Helen Keller ES, starting at 9am to possibly noon.  Three volunteers are:  Barbara Battle, Larry Esparza and Martina Rodriguez.  In response to a question from Daniel, Joe Wang said that Ramon Rodriguez has the lead responsibility to coordinate with the community relations representative from Plaza Mexico about the possibility of a program to raise funds relating to the fireworks stand sales (Jul 1-4).  Also Daniel had programs available from the Annual Gospel Brunch last Sat (Feb 3) organized by Senator Lara Ricardo.  Daniel encourage everyone to attend next year’s brunch, which will be the eighth, noting that the 500 people in attendance at the Bateman Hall Auditorium thoroughly enjoyed the food, presentations and musical groups.

Vision to Learn:  Providing Lynwood Students with the Tools to Thrive.   Information provided includes the following facts:  This is the largest school-based service of its kind in the nation, serving over 110 school districts in 200 cities across the US.  It is a non-profit organization that provides free glasses to students in low income neighborhoods.  With respect to LUSD, Vision to Learn (VTL) is allowed to service schools every two years.  It has served Lynwood students since 2014, starting with three ES participants:  Lindbergh, Washington and Will Rogers.  In 2015 the other nine elementary schools participated in the program.  During 2016, VTL offered the services to secondary education, wherein five of the six secondary schools participated.  This year, the plan is to have all schools not seen by VTL last year, to be serviced this year!

City of Lynwood, Department of Recreation and Community Services.   Among the programs mentioned by Jose Trejo is the Dodger Youth Baseball program with six divisions, providing for teams from the 5fth grade through the 12th grade.  Registration started in Feb and the playing season begins in Apr.  Another major program described by Jose is the soccer game played with only 5 players on a team for boys and girls, ages 7 to 12.  The game uses a smaller field compared to the standard soccer field.  Registration dates are in Feb and Mar, and team play starts in Mar and ends in Jun.

Diana Romero described the after school program at the Avalos Center from 3-6pm, with meals served M-F 3:00 – 3:45 pm.  Also there will be a new dance camp during Spring Break from Apr 2-5.  And the popular Easter Program will be held on Sat, Mar 31 from 11am – 2pm.

In response to a question from Daniel, Jose Trejo mentioned that a bike lane is planned to be constructed parallel to the linear park, within the current Caltrans ROW for the 105 Freeway.

Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra

Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club