At the  Feb  13, Noon    meeting, Lynwood Rotary Club President, Gudiel Crosthwaite, called the meeting to order.

Before the introduction of the two speakers, Daniel mentioned some coming events.

Daniel again mentioned that among the coming dates of events in the community, there is the Black Heritage Celebration, on Sat, Feb 15,  1pm – 4pm in Bateman Hall  (Admission $10.00)  Also, he mentioned  the coming District 5280 Breakfast meeting on Tue, Mar 31, at the Proud Bird Restaurant, near LAX  ($40.00 charge).

Member Joe Wang mention that the next event for Vision To Learn is the coming Thur, Feb 20, starting at 8:30 am at Cesar Chavez Middle School.  Joe will be and hopes several other members will also help out.  (  The non profit takes measurements as to need for eye glasses.  And with approval from parents, free eye glasses are subsequently provided the students.)

Daniel introduced the two speakers, both with the nonprofit org:  Tobacco Control Program:  speakers  –  Griselda Sanchez, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Diedre Ehule, Project Coordinator.

Through informative handouts and a power point program, a lot of information was provided.

The organization represented by the speakers  is FAME Assistance Corporation, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization.  It was incorporated in 1992 in response to the LA Riots.  Its mission is to empower and improve the quality of life for residents within greater LA.

In summary, second hand smoke (SHS) is very harmful to adults, children and pets.  In apartments SHS drifts into adjacent units, to include through walls and doorways and windows.  There is even “thirdhand smoke” which consists of residue that is left behind when someone smokes indoors.  It re-emits from surfaces back into the air and is progressively more toxic.

Some cities in LA County have adopted ordinances to prohibit smoking in multi-unit housing.  “There is no constitutional right to smoke.  Smokers is not a privacy right and thus not protected under U.S. Law.”

In Lynwood “a recent public survey found that 58% of Lynwood residents in multi-unit housing reported that SHS  drifted into their unit and 97% would choose to live in a completely non smoking building, if given the option.” 

Several questions were raised by the audience.  It seemed that persons interested in promoting smoke free living environments should personally contact the speaker, Diedre Ehule,  Project Coordinator,  at 323 643 - 1135.

After the presentation, there was a sitdown discussion with potential new member, Lalo Trujillo,  President, Mission Trail Advisors, (Financial Advisors).  After a detailed discussion of the benefits of being a member, and of members'  responsibilities, it was agreed that Mr. Trujillo will be accepted as a new member, subject to the concurrence of the club members (thru email or other communication). Also, at a previous meeting, it was agreed that Elsa P. Chagolla will be accepted as a new member.  (She is associated with Lynwood Partners, Educational Foundation, which has a relationship with LUSD.) 

 (The induction will take place at the next meeting with previous District Governor, Joe Vasquez,  performing the induction.)

 Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club