At the  Apr 23,  Video/  Phone meeting at  12:30 pm  

Lynwood Rotary Club President, Gudiel Crosthwaite,    provided information on a variety of actions relating to the Pandemic.

Gudiel asked each participant , whether accessing the meeting b y Video or by phone what they have been doing during the week.

Gudiel mentioned that he visited  Will Rogers  ES for the distribution of chrome books that will enable students to study and do lessons using digital data.  While there he said he met a LA Times reporter for the Education Section who said he may lose his job due to the current sitiuation.

Fernando Millan talked to Fernando Brizuela, President of Youthact at Roosevelt ES, who also was a participant in this meeting, about the amount of time the youth president is spending each day on his leadership responsibilities.

Rotary member Elsa Chagolla talked about the food pantry and the financial needs due its increase in food distribution daily at the Lynwood Emmanuel Church.  Elsa shared  that she has done thank you letters for donars to the food bank,  plus she has made a flyer to be distributed by email:  “If you wish to donate money,  use Pay Pal.”

Gudiel mentioned that Council member Jose Solache has helped out at the food pantry and that the City of Lynwood is also trying to help out needy families through the Parks and Recreation staff, to include setting up a tent in the park adjacent to city hall.  Gudiel shared that a Rotary District grant  to LUSD has certain requirements that recipients have to meet, to include income status.  Concerning the food pantry, at the church it is open from 10:30 am to 11:30 am M-F, and 500 people are being served.

Fernando Brizuela, Pres, Youthact , at Roosevelt ES, shared that the club has raised $70 for the food pantry, and requested that a flyer and a letter by distributed where parents are working.

Tila Millan shared that $2605 has been donated by the Lynwood Rotary for the pantry.  Martina Rodriguez shared that she is working on a Pay Pal account for the Rotary club.

Gudiel is attending video meetings with District 5280 on Tues and Wed mornings, but would like some one else from Lynwood Rotary to attend these meetings, due to a conflict he has in attending other meetings by video.  District 5280 is providing masks for health workers.  Gudiel shared that LHS students have made 100 masks for St. Francis Hospital.

Fernando Millan shared that there is a District 5280 meeting on the needs of current and potential members.  Also that on June 25 UCLA if holding a blood drive.

Martina Rodgriquez, as club treasurer shared that Lulu as previous club secretary should be removed from the Bank Account, and replaced by the current club secretary, Yolanda Rodriguez.  This was approved as a part of the video meeting.

   Daniel Miller    Public Relations/ Community Outreach Lynwood Rotary Club