At the September  8th  meeting, members and guests heard a great presentation  by  Sergio Infanzon, Planning Deputy for Los Angeles City Councilmember, Gilbert Cedillo.
Sergio started by talking about his initial experiences in the US.  He was born in Mexico and came to the US when he was 19 years old.  With an engineering degree, Sergio worked for about a year for South Gate Public Works Department; he also worked in public works for the La Puente School District.  He was elected to the City Council for the City of Bell Gardens, and served the city for five years, including two years as Mayor- Pro Temp.  He mentioned several items that helped improve Bell Gardens while he was on the City Council.  Sergio subsequently joined the staff of LA City Council Member, Gilbert Cedillo, whose district extends from Highland Park to the Pico-Union area immediately west of DTLA.  He briefly referenced some of the problems at the time of the cities of Bell, Cudahy and South Gate.  While on the Bell Gardens City Council, Sergio served as First VP of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (COG).
Sergio described several major issues that the City of LA is addressing, noting that these issues also exist in the cities of Southeast LA County, to include Lynwood.  One issue is adequate and affordable housing for the general population, noting the increasingly high cost of housing, especially in lower income areas now experiencing so-called gentrification changes.  Also the issue of the homeless, where within LA, the homeless population is now 40,000. Small micro units are one approach, as has been done for the homeless in Seattle.  Another challenge for LA City is upgrading the infrastructure.  With respect to transportation, Sergio mentioned the Measure M on the ballot for LA County, and its importance.  Also, because Rotary member Daniel asked Sergio to talk about the plans for changes to the LA River, Sergio provided copies of a brochure describing projects and plans to convert the LA River into a recreational and scenic resource for LA City.  This is occurring for the northern half of the 51 mile river from the western end of the SF Valley to the area just south of DTLA.   Plans for the remaining portion of the LA River are being carried out by the Public Works Department of LA County.
At the conclusion of his presentation, Rotary Club President remarked that the accomplishments and leadership of Sergio is an example of the benefits to the US from immigrants from Mexico Sergio mentioned that the LA City Hall building is a historical building and that tours can be arranged, noting that the top floor, the 25th floor, has great views of the surrounding DLA
After the speaker's skilled and informative presentation, there were several questions, including asking about his USC education. He replied that his four year degree was for mechanical engineering.  When Sergio mentioned state wide issues,  Martina Rodriguez asked Sergio to explain the marijuana issue on the statewide ballot, which he then briefly explained what will be permitted if the measure is approved by the voters, with reference to Colorado's recent allowing of the sale of marijuana.
Following the speaker, Club President Ramon Rodriguez, convened a board meeting with all club members present participating.  The two issues addressed were the club funding for the Shakeys Pizza Event as a thank you for the Rotary Youth act support, to include parents,  of the help with the July fireworks sales on Tues, Sep 13 at 6pm at the Downey restaurant on Paramount Blvd.  Also there was approval of the final format of the club brochure to be printed by TAJ, and of the number of copies for the initial printing.  Also discussed were ways to distribute the brochure as a way of attracting new membership.
Lynwood Rotary will have a table at the End of Summer Festival, Sat, Sep 17, 11am -4pm (across the street from City Hall)  Daniel will staff the table, and President Rodriguez will help staff the table for two hours.  Daniel encouraged other members to also help staff the table. New member Ruben Cervantes discussed his planned Fitness Fair, for Sat Oct 1, 10 am to 3 pm.  Ruben described several ways that Lynwood Rotary could help support this event.
Daniel Miller / Omar Franco / Rowland Becerra – 
Public Relations and Community Outreach for the Lynwood Rotary Club